Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Microsoft Search Server 2008

Via Priyo's blog kwam ik de volgende post tegen:

Microsoft Search Server 2008 is launched. Read what Forrester has to say about it...

"...MSSE has a substantial set of capabilities, most notably its
connectivity to many intranet- and Internet-based resources, including Microsoft Exchange, IBM's Lotus Notes, Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007, and even EMC's Documentum and IBM's FileNet enterprise content management systems. MSSE trumps Google's search appliances by offering a stronger set of administration, reporting, and connectivity features, and it can be upgraded to the Microsoft Search Server 2008 (MSS) licensed version that enables multiserver scalability and high availability.
Businesses looking at any enterprise or workgroup search deployment should take note: Microsoft has dealt itself in to the search game and with MSSE is placing good-sized bets that it will build even more momentum in its SharePoint workplace strategy."

Read the full Article here.

With this now we have 3 flavours of Enterprise Search. The table here gives a full comparison of what you get when on what you choose (don't forget the best part - Microsoft Search Server Express is FREE, so if you don't require High Availability and Load Balancing you, this is the Search solution for you...)

Happy Searching...


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