Monday, September 24, 2007

A Simple Marketing Model for Enterprise Open Source

Ian Howells , starts to write a series of articles about open source marketing model.below is the summary of Part one

A Marketing Strategy For Open Source Rules:
  • Rule 1: Make Markets not war
  • Rule 2: It's about value innovation not price alone
  • Rule 3: Don't micro-market Maximize the blue ocean of open source
  • Rule 4: Enterprise software companies don't "own" their customers
  • Rule 5: Differentiation * Make it simple , intuitive and indisputable * The best of both worlds
  • Rule 6: Stay it in a tag-line * You're the open source alternative
  • Rule 7: Make your messaging fun and controversial
  • Rule 8: Just be simply better - pricing and packaging
  • Rule 9: Get community , get viral and get champions
  • Rule 10: Only the paranoid Survive . Wake up every day and innovate throughout the business
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