Friday, February 16, 2007

BPM 2.0 Vision

Nowadays I search for more study resources for BPM. ,Foundations and Where BPM standards go.

I found a very agile white paper , written by Ismail Ghalimi.

Ismael Ghalimi is a passionate entrepreneur and fervent industry observer,
founder and CEO of Intalio, creator of and initiator of Office 2.0.

This paper gives you not only a short course of all the BPM terms but also give you an evaluation of current market techniques. and how BPM 2.0 vision will solve current users and market problems.

paper url :
Ismail Blog :


Anonymous said...

The paper is really interesting, thank you.


Anonymous said...

Wow..nice article..
check this also:
(this is a brief presentation about Integrating BPEL, Workflow and Business Rules, presented by Raghu R Kodali on the java conference day in Egypt (20-1-2007)).

& this url for the rest of conference presentations:

(they say the conference dvd will be available on demand soon insha Allah)

hosamred said...

Thanks for interest.

I already reviewed most of the JDC papers.

Good work for providing it to whom who could not come to the JDC Conf.